5 tips for choosing safe baby products

1. Talk with your pediatrician
Your pediatrician is the ultimate source of information about what products are safe for your baby. In addition to their medical training pediatricians regularly encounter different products in their daily practice.When preparing to bring your newborn home ask your doctor about products they recommend or what they use in their own home. If you have questions about the best soaps or lotions for your baby your doctor should be your first stop to understand whether or not a product is safe.

2. Understand common toxins
While you’re shopping for baby products you’ll find it helpful to know about common toxins to look out for. The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry is a helpful library of toxic substances. Comparing the list of ingredients on your baby’s shampoos and soaps with the toxins in the online database can increase your confidence that you’ve chosen safe baby products.

3. Find reputable sources of information
There are many different — and often conflicting — sources of information available on the web. Social media advertisements and specialized blogs may provide compelling advice but is any of it reliable? The Food and Drug Administration provides a helpful guide on how to find reputable sources of medical information and common things you should look for. As a general rule always speak with your doctor or pediatrician before following medical advice you find on the internet.

4. Choose products designed for babies
Soaps shampoos and lotions made specifically for babies are generally milder than regular products. Healthychildren.org advised that you should use these mild baby soaps and a fragrance-free lotion to care for your infant. They’ll keep your baby’s skin soft and healthy.

5. Keep a careful eye on your little one
Having a simple awareness of changes in your baby’s skin (or behavior) can alert you to a potential problem. This is especially helpful if you’re trying a new detergent or other baby product. If you notice rashes dryness or another issue talk with your pediatrician about your concerns. He or she can help you find the source of the problem — and an effective remedy.When you have a newborn it can seem like your life is full of new decisions to make. From breastfeeding to choosing baby soaps you just want the best for your little bundle of joy. A little careful research and using reputable sources — backed by your pediatrician’s advice — can help you confidently choose safe baby products.

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